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en Party held 12 percent. The poll finds that 5 percent of the voters were still undecided, and another 5 percent said they would not cast their ballots. Excluding invalid votes, Ro

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say the nation just to be safe." "People come because they want to escape their own lives for a little bit and come to a world where the ladies look very feminine and the guys in

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economic adviser on Friday. "Economic forecasts are of course uncertain. Yet the great likelihood is that over the next 15 years debts will rise relative to incomes in an unsustain

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Workers' Party, Jose Serra from opposition Brazilian Social Democracy, Marina Silva from the Green Party and Plinio Arruda Sampaio from the Socialism and Freedom Party focused on

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with BP executives, along with a nation-wide speech and a two-day trip to the Gulf this week. But some say Obama will continue to face questions about his performance until the l

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nd have sought to build upon that to apply pressure on the Assad regime," he said. The Arab league decided on Saturday to suspend Syria's membership, to be effective on Wednesday,

Bigbank Chinnakorn Saukaew -blacked raw 2019 mp4

sponsibilities to the Afghan security forces," Admiral Mike Mullen, U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on CNN's "State of the Union" program. Full story NATO to star